Ian Ayris

Author of Abide with Me and ​April Skies
April Skies the sequel to the best selling Amazon #1 book, Abide with Me, is out now.
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Ian Ayris was born in Dagenham, Essex, in August 1969. Having spent most of his childhood more interested in kicking a tennis ball about the school playground with his mates than actually learning anything, he managed to leave the public education system in 1985 with two O' Levels and a handful of C.S.E.'s, 
His academic achievements set him up nicely for the succession of low paid jobs he has maintained to this day. These jobs have included a three year stint as a delivery boy for an electrical company, five years putting nuts and bolts in boxes in a door factory, one day in a gin factory, and three months in a record shop, He has spent the last twenty-one years, however, working with adults with learning difficulties, and in the meantime, has become a qualified counsellor – currently working as a Supervisor in a counselling agency in Dagenham.
He also lectures in creative writing and runs his own editing service.
Aside from his debut novel – ABIDE WITH ME (2012) – he has had almost forty short stories published both in print and online, as well as a novella – ONE DAY IN THE LIFE OF JASON DEAN (2012).
Ian lives with his girlfriend, Karen, and his three children, Mollie, Charlie, and Summer, in Romford, Essex.
He is a lifelong Dagenham and Redbridge supporter. 

Abide with Me

Abide with Me - cover
Two boys. John and Kenny. One streetwise and football mad, the other cold and unfathomable.
It's nineteen-seventy-five. The heart of London's East End.
As John celebrates the Hammers beating Fulham in the Cup Final, Kenny tumbles out the door of the new people's house across the street having taken a beating of a different kind.
When the new school year begins, John befriends Kenny, defending him from the ridicule of his classmates.
But when you become mates with someone as odd, as downright terrifying as Kenny, nothing is ever straightforward.
Amidst the turbulent years of late seventies London, the lives of John and Kenny spiral out of control.
They meet again, years later, and local villain, Ronnie Swordfish, is after Kenny's head. All John can do is watch. Kenny, he ain't saying a word.

He never does.

So when Ronnie gives the order to fetch his three foot Samurai sword, John thinks the game's all but up.

Thing is, he don't know the half of it . . .

Abide With Me is a story of football, friendship, and hope.

And gangsters.

A story of how two boys walked blind into the darkness . . . and emerged as men.

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Parental Guidance - Explicit and strong language throughout but the best bloody book you'll read or hear in a long while!

Listen to the brilliant narration by Karl Jenkinson of Abide with Me. Available from Audible, Amazon and iTunes.
April Skies - cover

April Skies - Out now!

Sometimes, you don’t know what sort of man you are until you are called upon to protect your family.

Bethnal Green, East London. Nineteen-ninety-one.
John Sissons is out of work, out of friends, and out of luck. Fortune soon smiles upon him, though, and he gets a job in a door factory.
It’s not much, but it’s something.
But as the days go by in the factory, and the layers are peeled away, John realises he didn’t get this job by accident.
His past is exploding in front of his eyes. And when you have a past like the one John has, he knows he’ll be lucky if he makes it out alive.
Every fibre in his body is telling him to run. But John’s had a lifetime of running. Running is no longer an option.
When his sister goes missing, John knows it’s only a matter of time before they come for him.
But he won’t be going down without a fight.
Not this time.

Ian Ayris talks...April Skies

Buy the paperback for only £6.99 plus £1.50 P&P