David Ince

Author of  Breathe and What Waits in the Red
Multi-talented author, director and screen writer, David has written a compelling novel with Breathe, the first in a trilogy to make you breathless.
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David has spent all of his working life in the creative industries. For the first decade he worked extensively as a graphic designer, with a client list featuring well-known national and international companies. Now his time is mostly devoted to writing novels and developing feature films. As well as writing novels, he is creative director at Tycho Pictures.

David’s first novel to be published by Caffeine Nights, 'Breathe', was a No.1 Bestseller in Canada and was a Top 10 Book of 2015 according to GrabThisBook.net 

His next novel, 'What Waits In The Red', is scheduled for publication in 2017.

The feature film adaption of 'What Waits In The Red’, David’s first as writer and director, has already been shot, and is due to finish post-production in March 2017. 

You can reach David through Twitter: @DavidInceCreate, or through his website www.davidince.com


Sebastian is early.
He arrives in town with cargo to deliver. He doesn’t know
what the bag contains, he doesn’t want to know, but he’s
pretty sure it isn’t drugs or money.

Isobel is a slave.
Dominated by a man she calls Mr Punch, Isobel has blood
on her hands and guilt in her heart.

Mr Punch is legend.
Mysterious and terrifying, he uses blackmail, violence and
fear to manipulate people, forcing shopkeepers, office
workers and nurses to become henchmen and assassins.

The cargo is stolen.
Trapped between his employer and Mr Punch, Sebastian
must recover the bag or face the consequences. His only
lead is the enigmatic Isobel.
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What Waits In the Red

The Derelicts, The Physiologist and The Salesman.
All are trapped, prisoners of circumstance.

The Bell.
A gateway to another place, the chance to escape.
But at what cost?

Each must give something in return,
and risk coming face to face with
What Waits in the Red

The choice is simple.
Would you sell your soul to save your life?

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