Harry Dunn

Author of the Jack Barclay novels - Smile of the Viper and Forever Evil
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Harry was born into a journalistic family in Aberdeen. Educated at Robert Gordon’s College, he went on to work in newspapers in several UK locations within the Thomson Organisation.

In 1967 he joined the BBC’s Publications Division and was involved in their fast growing business of book publishing. When based in Leeds, he accompanied many celebrity authors on promotional tours throughout the North and this encouraged his love of reading during the many hours spent in hotels. His genre of choice was always crime and he carried a picture of the type of character he would one day have as a private investigator.

Smile of the Viper - Book 1

London private investigator Jack Barclay is on the trail of financier Tom Stanton who has disappeared with £1million of clients’ money, leaving his desperate wife and children behind.

Stanton’s Parisian mistress, Danielle, is also involved with the boss of a drug smuggling cartel and Stanton is seduced into laundering money for them. When £4million of drugs cash goes missing and Tom is the suspect, he and Danielle go on the run.

The stakes are raised with the kidnapping of Stanton’s daughter, and Jack finds himself in a race to find Stanton before the mob do. As he hunts him down, he uncovers a nightmare world of torture, betrayal and murder, putting his own life in danger.

Jack quickly realises those who enter the netherworld of the Russian mafia may not get out alive.

'A dark and captivating thriller.' Crime Book Club.

"A spectacular and enthralling first book" Lindeman's Wine and Book Club

'The plotting was excellent throughout and genuinely gripping.' Raven Crime Reads.

'This is an impressive debut with a storyline that is easy on the brain, but convoluted enough to keep you interested to the very end'.
Crime Fiction Lover.

' A real treat of a book this.Here's hoping Smile of the Viper is the first in a long line of Jack Barclay novels.'
Ian Ayris.

'It had a great crime and the characters seemed like real people.The book was awesome.' Nouveau Novels,Canada.

Action packed thriller with a great storyline which sublimely moves the action between London and Paris via Mexico. A gripping finale. AMW Books.

'I really liked this and I will really look forward to the next
book especially if it features Jack Barclay again.
Best Crime Books.
Smile of the Viper - cover

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Forever Evil - cover

Forever Evil - Book 2

London Private Investigator Jack Barclay is hired by Phillip Jordan to find his missing son Alex, who has recently been released from prison.

Alex has been recruited by Jaymar - an international gang of hitmen - and Jack finds himself embroiled in the murky world of vengeance, murder and erotic photography as he trawls the underbelly of London to find him.

Alex’s father has his own agenda for wanting his son found quickly and as he puts pressure on Jack to find him, Jaymar attack Jack’s girlfriend. As the mob turn up the heat, Jack realises it is only a matter of time before the brutal trail of murder and violence reaches his own door.

Buy the paperback for £6.99 plus £1.50 P&P