Nick Oldham

Author of Vendetta andWe Still Kill The Old Way
Nick is the master of two great film adaptations - Vendetta and We Still Kill The Old Way
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Nick Oldham was born in April 1956 in a house in the tiny village of Belthorn - mums were very hardy in those days - up on the moors high above Blackburn, Lancashire.After leaving college then spending a depressing year in a bank, he joined Lancashire Constabulary at the age of nineteen in 1975 and served in many operational postings around the county. Most of his service was spent in uniform, but the final ten years were spent as a trainer and a manager in police training. He retired in 2005 at the rank of inspector.
He lives with his wife, Belinda, on the outskirts of Preston.


George never meant to kill the thief – he was just defending his shop from the jacked up kids trying to rob him. Break the kid’s jaw maybe, but not kill him. Later the doorbell rings and in revenge the gang swarm   into George’s house, beat him senseless, rape his wife, tie them up and set fire to them.
It isn’t long before Jimmy Vickers, George’s son, is on the trail of the gang who murdered his parents, exacting his own kind of chillingly brutal justice. Jimmy is an interrogation specialist for the military in Afghanistan who knows more than he should. With the police closing in and his own regiment also determined to stop him, the
body count mounts up. Jimmy creates a media frenzy - London’s first vigilante of the 21st Century - but will his devastating course of action spell the end for the woman he loves?
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We Still Kill The Old Way

Sometimes the old way is the only way…
When a retired East End villain is murdered by a feral street gang, his brother Ritchie Archer returns to London from Spain to investigate. With the police thwarted at every turn, Ritchie decides to take the law into his own hands and bring old school justice back to the streets of East London. Rounding up his old firm, he leads a vigilante crusade against the vicious young criminals, using every grisly method at his disposal to find and punish his brother’s killers. A vicious street war follows, with no prisoners taken on either side, leading to a dramatic conclusion as the feral youths lay siege to a hospital Ritchie’s firm is holed up in.
They’re outgunned and outnumbered, but this firm has never been outclassed yet.

Buy the paperback for £6.99 plus £1.50 P&P